Gifts From The Hearth

Saturday, December 16

1 - 3pm

2550 Woodburn Ave, Cincinnati, OH

- not specified -

Come to Clear any time between 1 and 3pm and sample the latest cozy winter gifts by Hearth. Siblings Max & Lily will introduce you to a variety of special, rare gifts for you and yours, including tea, teaware and incense brought back from Max’s latest trip to Asia.

This is a cozy-casual affair; come any time, stay as long as you like. Sample a variety of pure, clean teas and genuine teaware, along with handmade incense with healing & meditative properties. In addition, Max & Lily will show you simple ways to connect with your tea and teaware, to prepare tea from your Heart at home.

Sit back, warm up, and enjoy an afternoon of togetherness with new & old friends!

New Moon Sacred Tea Ceremony

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